Opal card top up and vending machine rollout continues

The new top-up machine (via SMH)
As reported by the Sydney Morning Herald back in December 2014 (and hinted in the Opal card Terms of Use since day one), more Opal card machines are being rolled out following the current ‘card only’ top up machine launch several months ago.

There are two Opal card machines that should be revealed in the next few months, one that will remain top up only but will accept cash in addition to cards, and a machine that will also ‘vend’ single use ‘Opal card’ “tickets”.

Based on the image supplied to SMH, and also spotted in the wild here at Killara by @Diond408;

It looks like the top up / single use vending machine is the Astreo, from Parkeon. (Parkeon are also behind the Wayfarer terminals used for the Opal card for buses)

As such, I’m going to flip a coin, and guess that the card/cash top-up machine may be Parkeon’s Galexio.Parkeon Galexio

2 thoughts on “Opal card top up and vending machine rollout continues

  1. Any idea when these machines will be functional?

    Have they been spotted at any other stations? (i’ll go looking for more next week and report back if I remember)

  2. How these single trip tickets will be viable without jacking the price right up I don’t know. RFID cards have a bit of cost to them

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