The Age: Too much myki is barely enough →

There are 10 myki cards in circulation for every weekday public transport user, with the massive over subscription blamed on a lack of short-term tickets.

There are 10 million myki cards in circulation, almost double Victoria’s population of 5.8 million.

It’ll be interesting to see if NSW manages to issue short term Opal cards – which already has a section in the Opal Terms of Use.

In the future, we will be issuing different types of limited life non-reloadable Opal Cards. They will be subject to special terms and conditions which will be published (including on the Opal Website) as and when they are issued. Customers who use these non-reloadable Opal Cards must inform themselves of and comply with their special terms and conditions. You cannot add value to non-reloadable Opal Cards.

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